Friday, August 26, 2016

Bootstrap Dropdown Example for Selenium


The .dropdown class is used to indicate a dropdown menu.

Use the .dropdown-menu class to actually build the dropdown menu.


  1. if Html option is disable then how to verify in selenium that option is disabled

  2. Sir from this below code i'm not able to print the options of dropdown

    public class DropDownOption
    public WebDriver driver=new FirefoxDriver();

    public void openURL()
    System.setProperty("webdriver.firefox.marionette", "D:\\Mahesh\\Library\\geckodriver-v0.14.0-win64\\geckodriver.exe");


    List dropdown=driver.findElements(By.xpath("//div[@id='glsctl00_mainContent_ddl_originStation1_CTNR']//ul//li//a"));

    for(int i=0;i<dropdown.size();i++)
    WebElement drp=dropdown.get(i);

    String innerhtml=drp.getAttribute("innerhtml");

    System.out.println("city from -- "+innerhtml);
    public static void main(String[] args)
    DropDownOption obj=new DropDownOption();



    1. Hi Mahesh Sheelvant

      code is correct please update,

      "innerhtml" into "innerHTML"

      String innerhtml=drp.getAttribute("innerHTML");

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  5. Very nice video on bootstrap dropdown. On Ie browser, bootstrap dropdown is working using xpath but it diaappers very fast.

    How to give more time on bootstrap dropdown once it appears?

  6. hi, it was also help ful for people working in python. I create code for python3.x and it worked 100%.
    ####Python Code Start
    from selenium import webdriver
    driver = webdriver.Firefox()
    dd_menu = driver.find_elements_by_xpath('//ul[@class="dropdown-menu"]//li/a')

    for Element in dd_menu:
    ElementValue= Element.get_attribute("innerHTML")
    print ("Value for DropDown is ------->" + ElementValue )
    if ElementValue.find('JavaScript') != -1:
    #print (ElementValue)
    #### Python Code End

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